dedication takes a lifetime

dreams only last for a night

shark people wear shark clothes

"we all wanna die like movie stars,"
you said, as you jumped
from the height of our cutting room floor
while above us...glowing, exploding
our dreams burst forth in light and death
hold me and tell me
"we'll burn like stars,
burn as we fall,
watch as city lights
dance for us."

about me.
I'm a hypocrite and I like to exaggerate things to make myself look better. I'm really dorky, forgetful, and obsessive, and I'm sort of a hopeless romantic. I am never the same person twice, and so I'm often called a fake or a poser. I'm too nice, I don't stick up for myself, and I can't say no. I'm really open minded, and extremely easily influenced. I hate people, I hate my shitty-ass redneck town, and I hate Wisconsin. I swear too much and I care too much about what people think of me. I don't take chances, but I wish I did because I'm all about living in the moment. I'm deathly afraid of spiders, surgery, ovens, tornadoes, and pretty much everything else. I've considered every career from astrology to zoology, trust me. I hope all the kids named Faith and Hope grow up to be atheists. People tell me that I'm mature for my age, and that I'm a good leader. I do a lot of deep thinking, and I love to discuss people, society, and relationships. I write a lot, and I usually say whats on my mind. Teachers tell me my writing is eloquent. I usually have the right answer. I have a big vocabulary, and I'm good at spelling things. I like to draw things like tractor town, dalmatian don the puppy godfather, and burning buildings. The first thing that comes to mind when you tell me to think of a word is always 'apples'. I talk to my food, and usually have trouble eating it. I am so uncoordinated. I love painting, but not painting anything in particular. I name inanimate objects with names other than Bob, Fred, George, or Larry. When I put on my sunglasses I'm a totally different person. I'm not fond of chocolate, and I haven't eaten a Girl Scout cookie in like two years. I almost always forget to give credit to the userpics I use. =/ Sorry about that.
I also really like alphabetizing things.